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Just turn off the phone and say goodbye to the routine. Nothing easier than that, if where you want to go is a sailboat. Luckily for me, you do not have to live by the see to be sporty and relax at the same time. You can also become a Sailor on inland waters.

A year ago, Sofia and I decided to start our personal sailing adventure. Although it was actually I who encouraged her to undertake this adventure. She, a native Brazilian, did not have so much to do with sailing before. At the same time, I was allowed to watch at least the sailing students during their first attempts to control their boots while walking along the North Sea. The desire to go sailing grew very vigorously in me. A little captain was born. But until it came to the boat licence, many years had to pass. When the longing for the wind and the sea grabbed me again, I lived inland: in Berlin.

Berlin & Brandenburg: Ideal for inland and leisure sailors

Berlin and its surroundings, however, are by no means a desert landscape. Quite the opposite. Here you sit in a network of waterways and lakes, for which you don’t even have to drive far out. You can sail in the southwest, northwest and southeast. Following the course of the Spree, the Dahme or the Havel, you can reach the beautiful lake landscapes of Brandenburg from Berlin. There is a lot to discover and a lot more nature to unwind at the end of the day or on weekends.

While in Brandenburg sailing boats and motor boats with an engine power of under 15 horsepower do not demand a licence, in Berlin sailboats and sport boats driver’s license is mandatory.

The Müggelsee

The largest sailing area in Berlin can be found in the southeast of the city. Here, at Köpenick, the Spree meets the Dahme and the Müggelspree. The large Müggelsee offers plenty of space for water sports enthusiasts. It is no wonder that some sailing schools and clubs have settled in and around the romantic Köpenick.

The Wannsee

In the southwest, the Havel dug a large bay into the country: the Great Wannsee. During the 19th and 20th century it became a popular excursion destination and is daily run by numerous boats, especially on good weather weekends. Very close to the Peacock Island and connected to lakes that surround the cultural sites around the Prussian Potsdam, many water sports are practised here. The location is so popular that you should plan it financially though.

Lake Tegel

In the north of Berlin, there is another Havelsee next to Tegel. The Lake Tegel is the second largest lake in the city, above which the Tegeler forest extends and where the “Sailing School Berlin” is located.

During a walk in the forest Sofia and I decided to “just take a look” at the school. Today we are both recreational sailors in Berlin’s sailing district. How we got here and what you need to know to sail in Berlin, we tell you every second Sunday of the Month in our podcast series “Hart am Wind”.

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